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1How are residents ensured that they have jurisdiction over decisions that affect them?
To be specific, according to Article II, section E.2.a of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Institutional Requirements "The Sponsoring Institution must ensure that residents participate on committees and councils whose actions affect their education and/or patient care."
2How is the Resident Council Structured?
Although every resident and fellow in the Detroit Medical Center is a member of the Resident Council, each department may have one representative who behaves as a voting member of the council. Additionally there is an Executive Council comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Communication Officer. Members from the GME are also present who act as liaisons, and sometimes members of the council act as liaisons to GME meetings.
3How can I join the resident council?
According to Article II of the Resident Council By-laws, all Residents and Fellows are members of the Resident Council. However, each department has one representative to act as a voting member. To be elected a voting member is program-specific. Some programs may have internal elections, while others may have representatives selected on a rotational basis. Please contact your program administrator to get information related to your program's criteria for selecting a representative.
4Can I run for executive officer positions?
Yes, all resident and fellows are eligible to run for an executive officer position. Election is usually performed in April. The new officers assume responsibility at the June meeting. You need a curriculum vitae (CV) and personal statement. Positions are President, Vice-President, and Secretary. Please refer to the By-laws for more details on their respective duties.
5When do you meet?
Once a month, and typically on the second Thursday of the month. The next meeting is always listed on the homepage of the New Innovations website. The dates may also be found on the Resident Council webpage.
6Is the content of a resident council really relevant to me?
Absolutely. Although the Resident Council is an umbrella for all residency programs in the Detroit Medical Center, program-specific and institution-related issues are raised and solutions sought. Working in an interdisciplinary system allows cross-pollination of ideas and expertise when approaching a problem.
7Where can I find the content of the meetings?
Minutes from the monthly Council meetings are uploaded onto the Resident Council website monthly. There is also a link to minutes on New Innovations. You can also ask your program representative to update you on what occurs at the Resident Council meetings.
8Can I attend meetings?
Yes, Resident Council meetings are open to all residents and fellows of the Detroit Medical Center.

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