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New Access to Library Services

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Thanks to the hard work of our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Suzanne White, the GME staff, Dr. Maryjean Schenk, Dr. Bruce Wolf, Dr. Gary Willyeard, and numberous others, all of the residents and fellows who work at the DMC now have additional library options. Those whose programs are affiliated with Wayne State University will now have full access to the physical and electronic libraries of Shiffman Library. Those who are affiliated with Michigan State University will have full access to the physical and electronic MSUCOM library. Thank you for bringing wayne libraryyour concerns about library access to the DMC Resident Council. Your voice has been heard!

Please read the open letters from Dr. Suzanne White:

Wayne Library Access

MSUCOM Library Access

Please review the FAQ pages for each of the libraries:

Wayne Library FAQ


Access to the electronic libraries for each:

WSU – Shiffman Medical Library

MSU – Michigan State Univeristy Library

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